How to cycle to İzmir?

İzmir is located on EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route. To get to İzmir by bike, you can connect to EuroVelo 8 via EuroVelo 5, 7, 11 and 17.

To Çeşme port By Boat:

In order to reach to The Pearl of the TurkAegean, follow the direction to Athens, Greece through EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route then take a ferry ticket from Pireus, Greece  to Çeşme, İzmir via Chios Island, Greece. 

Çeşme’s mild weather and turquoise bays will welcome you after the ferry trip. Çeşme, the west coast of İzmir will offer you to pass through an iconic section of EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route for the last section of the route until your arrival to Swissotel Grand Efes İzmir which will be about 90 km. Çesme is one of the most touristic regions not only in İzmir but in all of Türkiye and the TurkAegean. There are many reasons for this: the turquoise sea, golden sand, Blue Flag beaches, pristine bays, dynamic nightlife, centuries-old cities. This paradise is west of İzmir on the Karaburun Peninsula. Çesme hosts the ancient city of Erythrai, one of the twelve Ionian cities of Asia Minor. The white sandy beaches stretch lazily along a road lined with exquisitely built houses, and several large hotels and restaurants serving excellent seafood and Turkish specialties. Most of the hotels are on beaches outside the center of town, and the peninsula has perfect conditions for windsurfing. The beach at Alaçatı is one of the best windsurfing spots. The town of Alaçatı lies to the south and inland from Ilıca and the coast. Windmills dot the hills above Alaçatı, a delightful and typical Aegean town. Some of the windmills have been converted into cafés. A lovely beach lies a couple of kilometers to the south.

To Dikili port By Boat:

This option would take you to northern coast to The Pearl of the TurkAegean. Please follow the direction to Athens, Greece through EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route then take a ferry ticket from Pireus, Greece to Dikili Port via Lesvos Island, Greece. Located 120 kilometers north of İzmir city center, Dikili is a picturesque district that extends both along the coast and inland.

Archaeological research shows that settlement in Dikili dates back to 5000-4000 BC. By traveling half an hour from Dikili Port, you’ll arrive at the ancient city of Pergamon. This beautiful and green district is known for its hot springs such as those in the villages of Nebiler, Bademli, and Kocaoba. Dikili is covered in fertile agricultural land. Olive groves, cotton fields, and fruit orchards extend from the roadside. You shouldn’t leave without tasting the local fruits! There is also good news for campers: the forests at Alaçam Mountains in Dikili offer you beautiful campgrounds.

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